Meet the Fab Five

Here are the Hatchlings:

Legal Eagle
This is Legal Eagle.  Typical Type A oldest child, but with a sweet spirit and protective nature.  26 and currently in law school.  We are especially nice to her, since she is the one who will be responsible for putting us in the old folks home.  Not unlike Dazey the He-She Cat, she is easily distracted by shiny objects, shoes, and most especially shiny shoes.

Blue Jay Blue Jay.  23, engaged to his girlfriend and has a heart of gold.  Is slowly learning being an adult is not all it's cracked up to be.  Working his way through college and can remember every detail of every horror movie ever made, which is ironic since his room resembles a horror movie.

Hawkeye John

Hawkeye John is 20, engaged and with a new baby and obsessed with cars.  He loves him some Chuck-a Norris.  Hi-yaaa!!  Can make freshly baked chocolate chip cookies disappear faster than you can say Walker Texas Ranger.  

Sweet 18 year-old Owlie or as she prefers to be called "Pretty Pretty Princess" likes clothes, boys, and not unlike Mr. Crabs who lives under the sea REALLY likes money, more specifically our money.  Our hope is that she marries well.  Claims a ghost named Anna is living in her room.  I say she needs to teach Anna how to clean so Anna can earn her keep around here.

Baby Chick
Last but certainly not least is Baby Chick.  This 9 year old would live in Bikini Bottom if he could just figure out where Sandy got that darn breathing apparatus.  Oh, and his house would not be a pineapple, but made out of Legos and I'm pretty sure his blankie or "DD" would accompany him under the sea, but don't tell him I told you as this is highly classified information.


  1. Love how you have let us have a piece of they're worlds.. all so different and unique :D Hi Guys, from Australia!!

  2. I miss DD!!!!!!!!! Mrs Amy!