Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pacify This

Parenting is hard.  There I said it.  Somebody has to.

I have recently come to the conclusion that, just like life in general, parenting comes in seasons.  This is the part that is not usually mentioned to brand spankin' new mommies and daddies in any of those parenting books and for good reason.  The hard and fast truth is that as difficult as labor is, it will by far be the easiest part of your parenting experience.  Sorry.

Ahhh...the baby season.  This is when you are most concerned with just getting used to the idea of being a parent.  The newborn comes home, the diapers come out and all track of day and night is lost.  You jump at the slightest whimper and change the grossest of diapers like a champ.  You beam in public when anyone notices your precious new addition to humankind.  You gaze at this new person and wonder how on earth you ever got by without them?  They are perfect and no other baby has ever been as perfect.  You have fallen in love as it should be.

All too quickly the baby bliss is replaced by a "real" person who screams and stomps feet and frequently disagrees with what you believe to be best.  This is when the dreamy baby bubble pictured throughout the entire nine months is popped with that all-too-sharp reality pin.

Babies grow up into people who don't wear diapers anymore folks. People with opinions.  People who will not always seem as adorable as they once did.  People who do not look as adorably at you anymore.  Where are the Pinterest boards with ideas for this I ask, hmmm??

The thing with parenting is someday that adorable cooing chubby cheeked diapered baby may break your heart.  It's a shocker, I know.

Get ready 'cause they grow up into bigger real people and start making their own decisions. Decisions that cannot be pacified with a cookie or a hug.  Get ready because sometimes those decisions are landmines that are just about to be pounced on and no amount of experienced warning on your part is going to stop the momentum of their steps.  As far as I know Amazon does not offer a publication entitled, "What to Expect When You're Expecting a Nervous Breakdown Due to Your Grown Children's Lack of Judgment".  I know, I've looked.

Here's the deal though.  No matter what they do wrong or the disappointment you may feel, you still love them.  How can you not? Their presence has made its imprint long ago and the impression on a parents heart is lasting.  Here's hoping to a lasting impression on their heart as well.

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  1. Such a wonderful post! I laughed and cried at the same time as I could recognize myself on all aspects, the baby, the parent and the selfish "own decisions maker" bugger :)


  2. "The hard and fast truth is that as difficult as labor is, it will by far be the easiest part of your parenting experience." Ha! Quoted for truth.

  3. I sure hope I keep loving her. I swear I have said this to her infant self. "I love you. I'll always love you. No matter what you do. I might turn you in to the cops if I think it's best, but I'll still love you."

  4. I agree with you. Why don't you write that book? I woulda bought it!

  5. Right now I'm putting my fingers in my ears and singing a tune to drown out your all too true message! I think about this all the time when I look at my young children. Because i'm a pessimist I think "One day you are going to scream "I HATE YOU MOM"' or worse. So, I'm just doing all I can to enjoy the "cute" years and hope they grow up to people who still want to hang out with their dear old mom once in a while. ; ) VERY sweet post though!

  6. Thanks for your thoughtful post. The hardest thing about parenting - to me, is the knowledge that you raise them, to release them. And that they will never love you in the searing way that you love them - which is only right. They will love their own children like that. I think about that occasionally and hope that it will let me be the kind of parent that doesn't hold too tight or too loose. :)

  7. Just checkin' on you girlie. Let me know if you have created that Pinterest board.

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