Friday, March 23, 2012

Instawho? Instawhat?

This morning Owlie looked me straight in my early morning eye, in my initial out-of-bed-where's-the-coffee grog, and asked, "YOU know what Instagram is?!"  I don't really remember what led to her question.  Like I said, it was early.

She had a look of shock, dismay, and disappointment on her face that I imagine could only be rivaled by that of a teenage girl being informed that the person standing directly ahead of her in the first midnight showing of the Hunger Games line just received the last ticket known to exist in all of mankind.

I remember replying something like, "Yes, I know what Instagram is.  I do not live under a rock." I went on to inform her I am also not a thousand years old and I'm well aware of what many things are.  I even thought about hitting her up with my detailed knowledge of HTML, Google page ranking, and Twitter but I didn't want to throw her into a tizzy.  Her confusion may have something to do with her father still referring to the Internet as "the world wide web".  Of course, he is just joking.  I think.

Actually, we have found that it is in our best interest to play dumb.  All parents know Rule Number 7 in the parenting guidebook given out by the hospital upon each child's birth is (What?  You didn't get one?), "Always stay one step ahead."  This rule is best adhered to by meeting your child's lovely accusatory squinty-eyed stare that almost always accompanies questions such as, "Why can't I have a pink pony?", with innocent expressionless faces and well-planned answers, "We looked into it and it seems that there is a city ordinance against keeping any color of pony, pink or otherwise, in our backyard.  Sorry honey.  We just can't break the law can we?"  Rule Number 7 is much more difficult when they're older and the Internet is involved.  Darn world wide web always making things more difficult.

I suppose I should have just answered her question with, "Instawho?  Instawhat?" and played dumb, but that would not have been nearly as fun.  When she gets home from school today, in the interest of Rule Number 7 of course, I may inquire as to "Exactly how do I log in to this here My Space thing on the world wide web" and then post her quizzical confused look on Instagram.  After all, parents have to have fun too. 

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  1. This was a great story, Mama Finch, just what I needed to read to get my day started! It put a big smile on my face. Rule Number 7 is certainly something I will have to remember when I have children of my own. Thanks for sharing!