Friday, March 16, 2012

Cheater, Cheater 2x4- Flashback Friday

Just like with a diet, my blog is having a "cheat day" today so bring on the Oreos and Twinkies BABY!  Actually, the only sweets here are just my old blog posts.  Just think of it as re-purposing without the guilt, calories, and scale increase.

"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia"

I think Post is telling me I’m old.  Maybe they are not telling me to my face, but they may as well be.  I guess I must be in the “mom who buys the cereal for the household and is old enough to reminisce about the 70’s” demographic they are shooting for, ‘cause soon as I heard “It’s a Sunshine Day” on that commercial this morning, I stopped in my tracks and paid close attention to the cereal they were hawking.  Their marketing team should get a raise.

I’ll admit it; I knew all the cheesy words and was able to sing along.  Why?  Because I’m a child of the 70’s.  Simple as that.  And as a child who grew up during that simpler time, certain things will forever be imprinted on my brain.  Things like flopping down on my stomach on the living room floor, chin propped on my fist with my eyes glued to the ginormous boxy RCA that sat directly on the floor to watch the fabulous Brady Bunch every Friday night at 7:00.  Boy oh boy how I wanted to be a Brady.  They were cool.  Especially Marcia.

This is just one of many memories I have of growing up during that decade.  I love to watch my tech savvy kids roll their eyes at me when I tell them about using rotary phones, skates that adjusted with a key, and playing outside because computers, video games, and DVRs did not exist.  We didn’t turn on Kindles, we turned pages.  The only Tweets were from the birds outside and we didn’t Google, we looked things up at the library. They were really in shock when I explained that there was a time when we would actually travel from one place to another without communicating with anyone by cell phone, text, or Facebook, sometimes for hours at a time.  That one really got them.

I don’t know.  I guess each successive generation has positives and negatives, but I sometimes think it’s sad that my three youngest will never remember a time when their daily lives were not controlled by some kind of technology.  What kind of childhood memories will they be able to reminisce about?  What kind of stories will they re-tell to their children?  Whatever they tell them, I bet it will never be as cool as the Bradys and that cheesy song.


  1. Oh yeah, those were the days! The Brady's were a little too perfect for me. I was more of a Partridge Family fan, they were a more dysfunctional and I loved that bus! And yes...more sappy songs!

  2. Definitely not acting your age!