Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year and a New Direction

It’s a brand spankin’ new year!  Time to reflect on the past year and fly forward into 2012 with fresh new direction and resolve.  Time to learn from past mistakes and successes and take a new turn.  Turning is good.  Not knowing which way to turn is, well, not so good.  Which is why one of my goals for the new year is to be less directionally challenged.
I say goals because making “resolutions”, in Mama Finch’s humble opinion, is just a bird brained idea.  Resolutions, smesolutions I always say!  The word resolution is just too official and grandiose and when you start making official grandiose proclamations of what you do and don’t intend to do, you’re only setting yourself up for a big ‘ol humbling fall right back down to reality land.  Keeping this in mind and because I bruise easily, I instead prefer to make reflectolutions.  Reflecting is much better than resoluting.
Anyway, back to being directionally challenged.  Everyone in the nest reflects often on the fact that Mama Finch sometimes loses her way just a little. For example, if everyone else is flying south to Mexico for the winter, Mama Finch may end up in Canada instead.  So why it took Daddy Owl so long to gift me with a navigational device for Christmas is beyond me.  Yes, I finally got a GPS and I believe Tom and I will be the best of friends.  His full given name is TomTom, but that is just stupid, so I prefer to call him Tom.  Show me the way, Tom, show me the way!!
One of my new friend’s best qualities is that he does not judge me if I go right instead of left, unlike others in the nest who shall remain nameless (Daddy Owl).  Instead of chastising my lack of direction, Tom instead keeps his opinions to himself and simply recalculates.  Oh yeah, and this is super exciting, in case of amnesia or I lose my way to the refrigerator at night, he can tell me right where I am RIGHT NOW!   How cool is that?!  And my new buddy is so smart.  He can even speak several different languages, which may come in handy in case I really do end up in French-Canadian territory.  Parlez-vous français y’all?
Oh Tom you crazy guy.  Like the Black Eyed Peas, I have a feeling.  A feeling that 2012 is going to be the best year yet because quite simply my friend, together we just can’t lose.  Our way that is.  Right?  Or was it left?  Oh Toooommmm...


  1. All the best for 2012, I hope it does become the best year ever for you xoxo

  2. Hope Tom is doing okay by you, and showing you the way. When I make a wrong turn, I'm always surprised that my GPS lady, Liz doesn't yell at me. I keep expecting that, and not her calm demeanor. Recalculating... Oh, if only I had that "recalculating" capability when my ex walked out on me. Think of all those missed opportunities. ;)

    Thanks for sending me this link!