Thursday, December 1, 2011

Walkin' the Line

Kids say the darndest things sometimes don’t they?  When I bent down this morning to give Baby Chick a kiss, he informed me that I have a “line on my head”.  You don’t say you darn truth-telling boy.  Yes, there is a line Baby Chick Cash, but you better walk it carefully.  Curses to you Miss Clairol and your empty promises to touch up my roots.  I told him I am turning into a skunk.  As he slowly backed away and glanced at my backside, his eyes began to narrow.  I believe it was just now dawning on him why my hip-hop rapper name is “G’Ma” and maybe I really am the oldest mom at the 2nd grade PTA meeting.

Because my roots grow faster than my money or time, I suppose a headband will have to suffice until December 10 when I go back to have them professionally re-touched.  What happened to the days of coloring my hair because I wanted to for fun and not because I have to out of vanity?  That’s when you know you’re old.  Well, that and saying things you think are still cool and make you sound young but have not actually been used since 1992 like “hip-hop rapper”.  Anyone seen my walker and/or prune juice?

I suppose there are advantages to being an older mother now.  I was 22 when Legal Eagle was born and like most newly-minted terrified mommies, I tried to do everything by the book because I didn’t want to make a mistake.  I just knew someone at the hospital was going to discover their oversight and knock on my door to take her back and give her to her “real” mother.  The knock never came and now 25 years later because I have the advantage of experience, age, and well-deserved weariness, I’ve learned to not sweat the small stuff.  Baby Chick will still thrive, grow and probably be somewhat well adjusted even if he did not have organic, hand-mushed baby food whirled in a special pricey blender, 100% cotton cloth diapers, and baby wipes not heated first in their own special little warmer (seriously – what’s that all about).  I suppose the number one thing he won't particularly remember, unlike me, is what age his mama was or how much grey hair she had when he was 7.  He will remember however how much he was loved and wanted.  So yes Baby Chick there is a line, but because you are mine, I will keep re-touching it and walk it right along with you.

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  1. LOL! Cute! I feel like the oldest mom of the first graders. Well I really probably am. Okay, I am. I think I have a good 15 years on his teacher! And you can tell me to shut up if you like, "I don't have any gray hair"! Whew! And I get to color for fun! Fortunately in that aspect I take after my dad. You can count his ;-) Because I am so thrilled about this I will really be devastated when I get my first one. But hopefully like his, I hope my hair will always look black "from a distance".