Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Vapor

Christmas 2011 is now history.  How is that even possible?  It appeared and disappeared like a ghostly vapor.  Seems those greatly anticipated memory making holidays can be slippery little suckers.

So here we sit amongst the fallout from all the merriment.  What do we take away from all the weeks preparing for and leading up to the big day if the big day is here and gone before we even have time to grab onto it even for just a moment.  What was all the preparing for?  Has it become only about the endless days of shopping, secret-keeping, watching every Christmas movie known to man, wrapping, planning, trips through the Target checkout line, decorating, baking, ho-ho-ho'ing, more trips through the Target checkout line, standing in line by appointment (really people??) to see Santa, and crossing folks off the shopping list?  What is all the holiday hubbub about if the main hubbub hour is going to slip away faster than unsalted buttah through our already Crisco'd grasp?

Christmas obviously is not supposed to be about any of that.  Beaky members will be hard pressed to even recall what they received from under the tree a year from now so it's not about the presents, and yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus however my dear it is not even about him.  December 25 is a day with overwhelming expectations and high anticipation but what it boils down to is this.  It is a special day set aside to celebrate and memory make. That's it.  Not overwhelming but quite simple really.  I celebrated the gift of the birth of my Lord and held on tight to the following memories which shall forever be burned into my brain from Christmas 2011:

  • The 3-ring circus that ensued when Legal Eagle brought her Lovey Dovey Boy's big honkin' but very sweet dog over to our house so that she could dog-sit while he was out of town.  Chaos reigned as big honkin' dog was maneuvered throughout the house upon arrival so as not to upset the delicate balance of the animal kingdom already residing in the nest.  It was not pretty.  There were barking dogs, people shouting, and Dazey the He-She Cat running for his/her feline life to hide under the nearest chair.  Dazey continued giving big honkin' dog the arched back stink eye all weekend.
  • Standing in front of Walgreens holding the really big bag of L-XL Depends in the freezing cold rain on Christmas Eve while waiting for my two daughters to come back from sneaking away to get lunch when they were supposed to be waiting for me in the car.  The Depends were for my dad by the way, but they could have come in handy as I really had to pee.  Did I mention that?  Needless to say, dancing around in the rain in front of Walgreens holding Depends got me a few curious looks.
  • Owlie finding a friend at Macy's on a last minute Christmas Eve shopping trip.  Who knew he liked to hang out at the Macy's fragrance counter?!
  • Being the only one upstairs with the most adorable 3 year old great nephew who was overheard to say, "Quick! Hide!"  when all the children were being called for the Happy Birthday Jesus cake at the family gathering on Friday night.
  • Baby Chick's face softly lit by candlelight at church on Christmas Eve as he sang Silent Night.
  • My children's sleepy faces Christmas morning and knowing that I had them all with me under one roof even if only for a moment.

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